La'ila ha'ilallah

Salam Alykum


 "Anugerah paling bernilai yang kita ada adalah kalimah Laa 'ilaa haillallah, Jagalah kalimah ini dalam diri kita". -Pierre Andre-

[ nak tonton harus stop dahulu lagu diatas itu, harap makjah ]

Back off !

Why you are so stubborn ? Like your father behavior. uhhh!
You know what, since you staying at here, I've got many complain about your stupid habits.
You lazy. you oversleeping. you unhygienic. you polluter. you eat much. uhhh!!

Then you come close to me just only to hugging me?

Ohh.. pleasee back offf!!

Naughty cats !! urghh!!

But you know what, seriously i'm so happy when you at here.
You are so cute. seriously. Now, i'm very love you so much.

= 3

Silent Reader[s] ♥